HA ENG CON International is a full-service civil engineering firm offering services in feasibility study, detailed design & construction supervision of Transpiration Engineering, i.e. Highways, Motorways, Bypasses, Link roads, Canal roads, Underpasses, Tunnels, Bridges, Pedestrian bridges projects.

Scope of Services:

The studies cover complete project cycle from initial formulation to construction supervision and impact evaluation. The services include, inter-alia, topographic / alignment surveys,  reconnaissance and feasibility studies, detailed geometric and structural design of roads,  bridges, tunnels and other allied structures

  • Road Infrastructure Master Planning
  • Pre-Feasibility Studies for Selection of Routes
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Transportation and Traffic Engineering
  • Survey/Investigations for Soils and Materials
  • Detailed Design
  • Geometric Design for Road Works and Interchange
  • Traffic Simulation & Signalization
  • Construction Supervision of Roads/ Bridges / Tunnels

Road Infrastructure Master Planning:

Priority ranking of roads in a road network based on socio-economic factors. Planning road networks, their interconnectivity, probable use and relative importance

Pre-Feasibility Studies for Selection of Routes:

Identification of potential corridors, selection of the most suitable route for the adaptation of alignment on the basis of technical merits, cost effectiveness and duration. Impact of terrain ranging from the snow-capped mountains to the areas of moving sand dunes.

Feasibility Studies:

Economic studies for the assessment of benefits of transportation projects, as compared to the total investment. Feasibility studies of the project on Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) system where self-financing by the private sector is involved, Feasibility level hydrologic/ structural design, project cost estimation, Socio Economic, Environment/resettlement study, economic and financial analyses, traffic studies

Survey/Investigations for Soils and Materials:

Assessment of soils and materials for highways, shear strength, grain size, dry density, liquid and plastic limits, field tests. Testing is also done on sand, cement and water to determine their suitability

Detailed Design of Projects:

Today’s competitive construction economy has increased the demand for better design concepts, improved construction Programs and lower maintenance costs. HA ENG CON International provide the professional and technical skills to plan design and supervise the construction of a wide range of transportation structures. We provide the best and most up-to-date advice to the client, whether employed in the traditional role of the engineer or the more recently popular arrangements such as design and construct. Our engineers are committed to producing cost effective and practical solutions to the highest standards to ensure our projects meet clients’ needs. Professional Members of the Team having extensive experience in the Design, Rehabilitation and Construction of Structures ranging from small Structures such as Culverts and Underpasses to the most complex fabrications such as Arch bridges, Multistory and Irregularly Shaped Buildings and Structures Constructed using Lightweight Concrete. When it comes to the Design, Rehabilitation and Construction Management of Structures,

Geometric Design for Road Works and Interchange:

Design Services for Geometrics Highway. We have extensive experience in the Development of new Highway Alignments according to the requirements of the latest applicable Global Standards and Specifications. Highway Geometrics Design Services Offered by HA ENG CON International include Design of all types of Roadways including Farm to Market Roads, Local, Provincial and National Highways and Access Facilities such as Motorways. The Team has vast experience in the Design of Grade- Separated Interchanges, Closed System Interchanges, Flyovers, and Overpasses etc. The firm also offers extensive Land Surveying Services. Members of the Land Survey Team associated with HA ENG CON International which have extensive experience in conducting Topographic /alignment Surveys in all types of Terrain and have State of the Art Surveying Tools including the Total Stations and the Global Positioning System (GPS) equipment at their disposal. Engineers at HA ENG CON International use State of the Art Modeling Techniques and Design Tools such as EAGLE POINT ROADCALC and AUTOCAD for Highway Geometrics Design and Estimation of Construction Material Quantities.

Design of Pavements:

Design Services and Technical Guidance for the Construction of a variety of new Pavements including Flexible Pavements, Semi-Rigid Pavements, Composite Pavements and Drainable Pavements. We also offer Services such as Condition and Roughness Surveys, Life and Serviceability Assessments of Existing Pavements and Technical Advice for their rehabilitation & reconstruction. Services offered also include Mix Designs including Design of Specialized Pavement Mixes such as Modified ACC & PCC. The Firm also offers Technical Consultancy for Hot & Cold Recycling of Existing Pavements including in-situ Recycling. Several State of the Art Pavement Analysis Computer Programs are in used by the Firm. HA ENG CON International have access to State of the Art Field Survey Equipment for Pavement Condition & Roughness Surveys including the Falling Weight Deflect meter (FWD), Profile meters and other Remote Sensing Devices. The Pavement Condition and Roughness Survey Team Associated with the Firm have vast experience in conducting both Visual & other Non-Destructive Pavement Surveys. Members of the Team, along with Foreign Experts, have been involved in Pavement surveys of the entire Roads.

Traffic Simulation & Signalization:

  • Intersection and Alignment Simulations
  • Intersection and Alignment 3D Animations
  • Traffic Signal Plans
  • Green wave Applications

Construction Supervision of Roads/ Bridges / Tunnels:

Construction supervision activities to ensure the quality conforming to the contract specifications, monitoring and coordination between the clients, the contractor timely ensure successful completion of work. Detailed construction management and contract administration using the state of the art software like MS Project 2007 and PRIMAVERAA