HA ENG CON International have vast experience in detailed design and construction supervision of Sewerage and water supply schemes, preparation of PC-I, cost estimation, Tender documents, capability of Resettlement management/planning/monitoring, Social Impact Assessment, Social Due Diligence Assessment, Land management administration, Stake holder Engagement and Public Consultation.

Scope of Services:

The firm provides consultancy services for the projects related to the fields of Public Health Engineering, Water Resources, Irrigation, Dams, Architecture, Town Planning, Highways, Bridges, and Impact assessment, Gender, Data Management Socio-Economic and Environmental/Resettlement Studies etc. Our scope of service to PHE are listed below

  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Water Supply System
  • Bulk Water Supply System
  • Rising Main
  • Waste Water Sewerage Treatment Plant
  • Sewerage System
  • Trunk Main Sewer
  • Lateral Sewerage System
  • Lifting Station.
  • Storm Water Drainage System
  • Drainage Rainwater Harvesting
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Structural and Hydraulic Design
  • Topographic Survey
  • Soil Investigation and Foundation Design
  • Construction Supervision

Water Treatment Plant & Water Supply System:

We envision to see Healthy, Clean and Disease-free Pakistan, through sustainable supply of clean Drinking water and awareness for Conservation of Drinking Water through Community participation with effective identification, planning, design and implementation with operation and maintenance of sustainable Water Supply Schemes.

Demographic and socio-economic surveys, population and demand estimation and projection, design of water supply sources, design of water supply system including conveyance system, storage facilities, treatment works and other allied structures/systems.

Design of pumping stations, gravity and force mains, preparation of computer models and analysis of distribution networks, design of instrumentation and control and surge suppression equipment, preparation of detailed designs, cost estimation, tender documents, procurement, inspection, chlorination, chemical dosing, etc.

Waste Water Sewerage Treatment Plant & Sewerage System:-

Detailed Topographical, Soil, Demographic and Socio-Economic survey of the project site, Population and waste generation estimation and projection, design of sewerage system for Storm and sewage disposal, design of appropriate waste water treatment system and other allied structures/ systems, Waste water system i.e. lift stations, lateral, trunk and Out-fall sewers, manholes, disposal sites and other sewerage infrastructure, Hydraulic design. Sewerage and layout plans for development of the Recycled water system

Drainage Rainwater Harvesting:

An appreciation of the inundation pattern of the areas, identification of the ultimate receiving body of the storm runoff together with its relevant features, Zoning of the drainage area, planning the drainage system, detailed designs, working drawings, cost estimates and bidding documents for planning and implementation, Analysis of rainfall data, establishment of run-off, field investigations, planning and design of storm water collection and disposal system, drainage pumping stations, outfall structures, disposal channels, inspection, procurement and construction supervision.

Solid Waste Management:

Data collection, reconnaissance survey of existing situation, transfer and disposal of solid wastes, preparation of technical specifications for solid waste collection, etc.

Structural and Hydraulic Design:

Computer Aided 3D structural design of reservoirs and allied structures. The analysis includes both static and dynamic procedures using structural analysis software SAP 2000. Similarly hydraulic and hydrological design of conveyance system is carried out using Water-Cad and Sewer-Cad software’s

Topographic Survey:

Detail Topographic survey and map showing information about the shape of the land (including natural features and purpose e-built Structures), within the limits of the map scale.

Soil Investigation and Foundation Design:

Foundation design and soil investigation for all types of foundations such Raft or Mat foundation, pile foundations, combined and strap footing and isolated footing.

Construction Supervision:

Detailed construction management and contact administration using the state of the art software’s like MS Project 2007 and PRIMAVERA